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Thank you for a very special healing service last night.  My dear friend was healed of bitterness,  betrayal and her own inability to forgive and move on in her life.  She cried through the entire service,  she said she went into the service a very bitter woman and when you prayed about forgiveness, anger she felt her spirit change and she felt changed in every way.  She had 2 or more years filled with many challenges, hurts, betrayals and bitterness.  She did not want to come last night, she felt morbid and down on life.  I prayed for her all day and wrote several prayers over  the past few days, asking God to touch her heart.   He did through your words and praise.   

- Diann C.

Many thanks for a very Spirit filled service last night.  I would like to share my healing with you.  I have been struggling with stomach issues for many months, stress, fear, anger and food allergies have continued to bring me poor digestion, acid re-flux, GERD you name it.  I have been praying for healing and doing meditations and many prayers.  I felt a healing last night at the service,  I had the very best nights sleep I have had in many months and no acid re-flux or  stomach distress .    Again, thank you for bringing the Word and Jesus love and healing to many of us.  


- Diann C.

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Just felt of the Lord to email to THANK YOU SO MUCH for ministering the word in power with emphasis on the blood of Jesus and the love of our awesome God and for ministry at the altar. I know our people were touched by God. I say often that “the love of God will heal us.” You are the only other person I’ve heard say that. When HIS love washes over us it is amazing and so healing!! HIS love reaches into the depths of our being to heal and restore. Thank YOU for being obedient and willing to pay the price to minister. I’m confident God will continue to powerfully use you. You have an incredible healing testimony that God is using to give HOPE to others that with God nothing is every impossible!!

-Norma, Lead Pastor of Our Fathers Heart Ministry

Founder and President

Marriage Works of MD

The Equip and Encounter School has been one of the most instrumental experiences of my life. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to attend the classes. Tracey's profound knowledge and insightful commentary shed new light on God's Word and his amazing love for his children. I now have a deeper understanding of the Word and an easier time discerning it on my own. My desire to know God and have a more intimate relationship with Him has grown immensely. The chapters we focused on helped me transition my perspective into a kingdom mindset and recognize what is truly important in life. The school was also a wonderful way to make new friends and have fellowship with other Christians. I can't wait for the next semester of classes! 

-Amber B., 28 yrs old

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My eyes have been opened by The Essentials of the Word (Revelation 19 ministries Equip and Encounter School). I love the class because it is like drinking Truth out of a fire hydrant! I leave excited to dig in on my own and discover these fountains of truth.

-Kyle H., 23 yrs old

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