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My New Life in Christ

New Life in Christ

I’m absolutely persuaded that I’m experiencing God’s amazing presence.  I know that without faith, it is impossible to please God.  Anyone who comes to Him, must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.


I simply believed everything He said on the pages of the Bible.  That was freedom for my heart and soul; freedom from the past and the mistakes I had made.  Oh what God has planned for eternity for those who love Him, those who follow Jesus and do His will on earth.  I’m living this life in total surrender to God – to be a vessel for His purposes in His kingdom.  Humbly I’ll serve Him with zeal and boldness.


The Holy Spirit is living in me, waiting for my fellowship with Him every morning. I have a continual awareness of the indwelling presence of Jesus by His Spirit.

I live with a heart of ultimate praise and thanksgiving to God for His gifts, inheritance and promises.  It is overwhelming to me to see how extravagantly generous God is.  His love and kindness demonstrates something that we can’t explain.  We can only experience Him through an impartation of the Word and encounter Him through the peace and joy He releases from His spirit within.  I keep my mind on heavenly things – His kingdom lifestyle.  I experience a constant reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice, His resurrection, power and ascended life, He freely gave us in Christ.  God put us in Christ and we are His children.  I am in Christ Jesus who has become my wisdom from God:  our righteousness, holiness and redemption.  Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God in us.


Our blessing is that we are able to encounter His presence continually while we are doing the will of our Father.  There is a spiritual realm that we cannot see.  By God’s spirit we can encounter and experience the deep things of God.  This glory realm we experience in our entire being through praise, worship and thanksgiving to God, is the peace that transcends all understanding.  This is unspeakable joy!!!  There is an indescribable knowing.  We are confident in faith, hope and love flowing from our hearts.  We are glory carriers!  God is releasing His glory in and through us to impact the world around us.  Through our words, we are releasing heaven to earth.


Prayer is conversation with God, telling Him the great and mighty things He has done, decreeing and declaring His name, proclaiming His word in truth to Him and to the cloud of witnesses in the heavenly realm.  Adoration of Jesus Christ shifts the atmosphere and can change circumstances.  We have our own internal revival which becomes our external revival.  The church will then have revival.  God is rejoicing over us.  The enemy flees the minute we start praising God in His magnificence.  I believe that the Word of God, praise, worship and faith with thanksgiving are our four powerful weapons we have against Satan.

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