Pastoral Recommendations

"I am thrilled to be able to endorse and recommend Tracey Weiss and the Revelation 19 Ministries! Tracey knows first-hand that salvation, glory and power belong to God. She has a wonderful ministry, salvation story and an incredible testimony of God’s healing power. She has been a great leader at GT Church for many years, and now as an AG minister is serving many communities and churches as an anointed communicator and spirit-led minister and teacher. I feel strongly that Revelation 19 Ministry will be a big blessing to you, your congregation and community!"









“It is a joy to recommend the life and ministry of Tracey Weiss. With a deep love for Jesus and a passion to share God's Word, Tracey is being used powerfully in the churches that open their doors for her ministry. A great spirit, a desire to serve, powerful altar times, and solid Bible teaching, are what pastors and churches can expect when partnering with Tracey.”








"I've known Tracey Weiss for over 5 years. She has an infectious love for Jesus and a passion for spreading His Word. One can't be around Tracey for more than a minute without detecting her obvious and overflowing commitment to Christ and to His Work in her life. She has a deep passion to introduce people to Jesus and to help them experience a more intimate relationship with Him. I have personally been inspired by Tracey's evangelistic gifting, and I've see the anointing of God flow through her life consistently to bless others. Tracey would come to you with my confidence and high recommendation with her preaching and evangelism gifts. She would surely be a blessing to you and to your church!"









"Tracey Weiss is a bright and shining example of the matchless grace and truly miraculous love of God.  Her testimony of God's love and healing is a much needed reminder for the church today!


Invite her to share at your next event.  You will be richly blessed!"










"Tracey is dynamic and contagious! She’s far from boring and will ignite your women to step out in faith and to believe for the impossible! She is relatable and every woman she prayed with was touched by God in a powerful way! I would definitely recommend her to speak at any service, event or retreat! You will not be disappointed!"



Bryan Koch, Lead Pastor

Glad Tidings Assembly of God

1110 Snyder Rd. West Lawn, PA 19609


Scott Kramer, Executive Pastor

Glad Tidings Assembly of God

1110 Snyder Rd. West Lawn, PA 19609


JJ Beauvais

aka Chase N@fta

"Love All Around" Ministries

Jamie Horne

Sharpsburg Family Worship Center

Pennsylvania, USA


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