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Proclaiming God's Truth
to a World in Need

Alleluia! Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord our God!...  
Revelation 19:1

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Healed of Cancer

Evangelist Tracey Weiss had a radical encounter with God in 2003 that totally changed her life!!

She was devastated and became desperate and surrendered to cry out to God after a life-threatening leukemia diagnosis that instantly changed her mindset about life, death, and was heaven her destination. Tracey cried out on her knees, “God, are you really real? Come into this Room!! Shocked and Amazed!! The Lord revealed Himself to her in a tangible experience that words can’t describe… HIS MANIFEST PRESENCE, His light, His love, and a knowing about darkness, satan, God, light, and a vision of the cross with Jesus hanging on it, beaten beyond words, staring at her with eyes of LOVE! THE VEIL was torn away. Her heart became alive, and an unending focus to know Christ through the life-transforming power of the Word became her life!! She became saved through the encounter, and an indescribable thirst gave her determination that catapulted her into a pursuit to know, live, and share Christ with her heart on fire for the Gospel. A tenacity to stand through the many tests, trials, and hardships she endured with JOY, living from an eternal perspective without fear! By the grace of God, she overcame two life-threatening cancers, anxiety, panic attacks, abuse, and much more! The Truth made her free on so many levels.

Tracey has a burning heart for REVIVAL, to win the lost, to prepare the Bride of Christ to know God with a passion for Jesus, to commission believers to do the works that Jesus did, and BE Ready and empowered by the Spirit for that day when they see Jesus Face to Face!

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